Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's a Teacher's Life...! A Collection of Poems Set in a Girls' Private School

In my previous post Who is family? I talked about a woman who had been like an aunt to me, even though she was unrelated. Work colleagues - if one works long enough with them - can also become like 'family'. I have been fortunate to work with some colleagues, who are now like 'family' to me, and I talk about some of them in my book 'It's a Teacher's Life...!'

'The Cook', for instance...
'Joy is her name
and joy her very nature -
a cheerful greeting leaping
always from the lips
and a joyful laugh
chuckling in the throat...

Thank you, Joy, for brightening the day,
we're sorry to see you go;
may the days shine on you kindly
as you have shone on ours,
and may the gift of joy you have given us
be returned to you a thousandfold,
so you may be blessed with its warmth
and the prize of celestial gold.'

Copyright © 2008 Helena Harper

'Amy, the Able', Queen of Resources, is another:
'...the day is too short
for all the tasks
she’s asked to do;
the stress would crack many another
but Amy sails through
with humour cutting and quick,
her voice never rising
despite countless requests
from teachers wanting just this or just that.
No punches she pulls
when her comments are made,
but always the wicked chuckle is there
ready to break free -
it's what keeps her sane,
all the teachers agree.

What would we do without you, Amy?
No one knows,
it's a commendation of
the highest honour you deserve
for the work you produce
under pressure so great,
for coolness and calmness
served with a smile,
for honest directness
and willingness to go that extra mile.
You're a colleague in a million
a true friend indeed,
and surely one day
the rewards you will reap,
from the seeds of the harvest
you have sown so deep.'

Copyright © 2008 Helena Harper
(from 'It's a Teacher's Life...!')

What have your experiences with work colleagues been like?

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