Saturday, January 3, 2009


I've been reading a lot about kindness lately, and came across a great article yesterday that talked about needing to be kind to yourself first before you can be kind to others. It then listed kindnesses you can do for yourself, then for those in your neighbourhood and then for others. Some people do little acts of kindness instinctively, like my sister, who is always lending an ear to a person in need, no matter what misfortunes arise in her own life - she is:

'Truly a shining example to that younger sister
whose self-absorbed wishes
drowned out thoughts of others
for many a long year,
but the passing days
have taught her to honestly treasure
the unselfishness of the elder —
a humble, compassionate soul
instinctively in touch
with her nature purely divine,
a privilege indeed
to call her a sister of mine.'

Copyright © Helena Harper
(from 'Family and More - Enemies or Friends?')

But often, I think, we're so focused on our own daily problems and concerns that we just don't see little opportunities that cost us nothing to brighten someone's day (saying thank you to the postman who delivers the mail come rain or shine, smiling at a stranger, holding a shopping trolley for a young mother, holding open a door etc.) We just go around in a fog that blinds us to them. However, I've found that when one makes a conscious decision to look out for such opportunities, one automatically becomes more aware of them and then one instinctively helps. One is also much more aware of how much one has to be grateful for, because there are always people who are worse off than we are. Would you agree?


  1. You are so correct! Thank you for kind comment...and I would love a copy of your ebook! I love your poem!

  2. I love the idea of honoring how important the little things we can do for each other are. If you have an idea about something we can do for each other day-to-day to make this world a better place, I'd love if you could share it here: