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Owen Fiddler - a morality tale with a difference

Today, in my second post this month about award-winning author and blogger, Marvin D. Wilson, you can learn more about his morality tale Owen Fiddler and his latest book, Between the Storm and the Rainbow, which is an anthology of the best posts from his blog The Old Silly's Free Spirit Blog.

Owen Fiddler is the tale of one man's bad behaviour from his early years as a boy through adulthood. Owen Fiddler is a womanizer, a drunkard and a liar. He behaves horribly toward his mother, stepfather, and brother and he never takes any responsibility for his actions or their consequences because there is always someone else to blame - his brother Paize, his stepfather, his friends and others. There are some unique characters, including Lou Seiffer (Lucifer), a truck driver who lends Owen money, and Kris (Jesus Christ). And there is also Frenda, Owen's daughter, who becomes the light of his life. The story shows how Owen's life goes from bad to worse and how he finally finds salvation. As the book description says, Owen is “no role model for you or your kids, but reading his story will learn ya a thing or two, and that's a fact. This is an entertaining, thought-provoking, humorous and spiritually insightful book which will surely have you thinking about your own life. Hey you – yeah, you! Do you like to dance? Don’t forget to pay the fiddler!”

Owen Fiddler Trailor

Below you can read an excerpt from the novel, Owen Fiddler.

Frenda, Owen and Kris Meet in the Never-World

Frenda turned to Owen. He was kneeling on the floor, hands clasped together over his heart, head down, wide-eyed and shaking. Residual human feelings rose up in her and she again felt the rise and fall of the heart as it went through the emotional gamut of love, anxiety, pity, anger, disappointment and hope. She dispensed with her aura and morphed back into her simple earthly form, dressed in a plain white cotton robe. She dropped to her knees on the floor facing Owen. She felt nothing but affection. She looked him in the eyes and said, “Daddy.”

The stark simplicity of her statement stabbed Owen in his heart and he burst into tears, falling forward into Frenda’s arms. She held him, caressed and stroked his back as he wept. After a long moment, she propped him back up, calmed him with a thought and said, “I have someone I want you to meet.”

Owen knew who it was she spoke of and he was not feeling ready for that meeting. “I’m not worthy,” he whispered, “I’m not worthy of your concern for me.”

“Oh, Daddy, yes, you most surely are.”

“I’ve been a carousing irresponsible drunkard all my life.”

“I don’t care. I forgive you.”

“I cheated on your mother, many times.”

“I forgive you.”

“I’m a sexual predator.”

“Forgiven; that and everything else can all be in the past. I forgive you.”

“I’m a thief, Frenda, you don’t understand. I cheat. I take things I haven’t earned, things that aren’t mine and I never repay my debts.”

“I do understand, Daddy, I can see everything now and I forgive you all your transgressions and misguided deeds.”

Owen paused for a time, trying to raise the courage to put forth his deepest dark secret, the one final damning admission that he knew would end this conversation with a victory in his own personal Hell. “F-F-Frenda,” he said with bowed head, “I … I … it was me who was responsible for your death. I stole the money from your purse, the deed that led to your fatal accident. I killed you, baby girl. Please just go now and leave me to my fate. I am unworthy of your love.”

Frenda laughed.

Startled, Owen looked up, “What’s so funny?”

“Daddy, look at me. Do I look dead to you?”

“Frenda, you know what I mean”

“No, I don’t know or accept what you mean. Life and freedom everlasting are what I know now, and I am growing a bit impatient with your stubborn self-pity. Daddy, are you sorry for all those things you’ve done?”

“Oh yes, baby girl, I am so sorry, so terribly sorry.”

“Then I forgive you. For everything. Now look, Daddy, we don’t have much time. You are due back on earth any minute now. It’s not a good situation for you back there. You are near physical death in a coma. Daddy, look at me. Look me in the eyes. What do you see?”

Owen looked into his daughter’s heavenly hazel eyes. Love and compassion poured into his being, swept over his mind, cascaded down over his heart and broke the dam in his soul. It burst open with the joyous acceptance of forgiveness. He hadn’t known this feeling before, was speechless in a precious moment of rapture.

Frenda sensed the change in him and repeated her request, “Daddy, you must meet with my friend. It is one thing for me to forgive and for you to receive my forgiveness; but ultimately for you to be with me forever, for you to have eternal life and peace, you must meet and reconcile with him. Can we please do this now? Daddy … please?”

Owen couldn’t believe his own voice saying, “Yes.”

Frenda tilted her head back, threw her arms wide open and voiced in a loud beseeching bellow, “KRIS!”

“No need to shout, I’m right here.”

Both startled, Frenda and Owen rose to their feet to the sound of Kris’ happy chortling, only to feel the floor removed from under them and witness the room disappear. They were now held in weightless suspension in the middle of an orb of light. It resembled a cosmic eye that looked inward at them from every direction.

The eye spoke.

“Owen, Owen, my friend, it is good to finally have an audience with you and to have your undivided attention. I have been here all the time. I have witnessed your sincere apology to your daughter and your acceptance of her forgiveness. Now here comes the bigger question. Can you do the same with me? I promise it won’t hurt.”

Owen was thunderstruck. He thought back to all the followers of this god who he had helped into adultery and hypocrisy. He remembered the innocent pastor who had taken the rap and lost his spiritual career over his misdeeds. His heart sank as he recalled all the foul epithets and curses he had thought and said guided toward anyone and anything that represented in anyway a believer in the Way of the Christ. He bowed his head and closed his eyes in an attempt to escape the stare of the inquisitive omnipresent eye.

The eye spoke.

“Owen, I know of all these things you are thinking. They are not you unless you hang on to them in your mind and do not repent of them. I offer you a release. I possess the capacity, with your permission and help, to rid you of your dark clinging to those deeds as if they represent the true and essential you. We are the same, Owen, but you have forsaken me in your deluded sense of self and separation from the All. Listen carefully, my friend. You are not a human being having a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being having a human experience, the knowledge of good and evil, the temptations of the flesh and free will.

You have not done so well with your choices so far, on that we are agreed. Your basic error has been in not understanding the interconnectedness of all things and beings. Everything is one, Owen. Because of this truth, this basic law of the universe, it is impossible to take from another without taking from yourself. When you harm another, you harm yourself. When you deceive others, you deceive yourself. Conversely, giving to, helping and loving others are none other than loving and helping your self. Do you understand this now, Owen?”

Owen did understand, in a momentous flash of enlightenment. He got it. His eyes went wide open. He felt strange and light. He could scarce believe the calm and happiness in his heart as he said, “Yes … I understand.”

“I can see it is true,” the eye of Kris said, “Now that you know the truth, the truth can set you free. Change is possible. Are you ready to change?”


“Are you sorry for the mistakes you’ve made?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Do you believe in the Truth, and believe that I the One, the Truth, the Light and the Way, can cleanse you of your errant ways?”

“Yes, in Truth, I believe!”

“Good. You are forgiven. Go now, and stop making stupid mistakes.”

Owen disappeared, evaporated into a puff of mist. Kris materialized, smiled at the puff, and motioned it away with a sweep of his arm. A clap of thunder and a silver streak of vapor bolted toward earth.

Owen Fiddler
Retail Price: $16.95
Page Count: 212
ISBN 10: 1594315639
ISBN 13: 978-1594315633
Book Website:
Available for purchase at:
or at your favorite bookstore.

Marvin's latest book, Between the Storm and the Rainbow, is an anthology of the best of the best posts from his award-winning and internationally popular The Old Silly's Free Spirit Blog. It is a book that will inspire you, stimulate deep thoughts and emotions and also give you plenty of laughter. When you read this book, you will see why there is such a global community of readers who count on their daily dose of The Old Silly's Free Spirit Blog.

Accolades for Free Spirit

“I stumbled upon Marvin's blog clearly by accident and found his words to be like verbal magnets pulling me into this world he inhabits. It is a terrain full of wisdom, humor, homespun philosophy, good common sense, a poetic sensibility and uncommon spirituality. Reading this man's work makes it easy to become a confirmed 'Marvaholic!'”
L.M. Ross, poet and author of Manhood and The Moanin' After

“Marvin Wilson's award-winning Free Spirit blog not only surprises and shocks you; it tells it like it is, with a generous dollop of love.”
Jean Henry Mead, author of A Village Shattered and Escape

“I can count on one of three things from my daily visit to Free Spirit … a smile, a feeling of spiritual growth or something to make me think deeply. Many days, they are all rolled into one.”
Joyce A. Anthony, author of Storm

"It's an adventure reading what Marvin Wilson writes on Free Spirit since you never know what to expect from him, other than something that will delight, amuse, enrich or inspire!"
Connie Arnold, author of Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace and Abiding Hope and Love

Between the Storm and the Rainbow
Retail Price: $18.99
Paperback: 426 pages
Publisher: All Things That Matter Press (February 12, 2009)
ISBN-10: 0982272235
ISBN-13: 978-0982272237

Available for purchase at:

If you wish to contact Marvin, you can email him at:

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask Marvin a question.


  1. Just wanted to stop in and say, "Thanks!" Helena. You know, it's one thing to do a feature post on another author, but it's seldom done as well as THIS! Really - you've gone all out with this post, the first class treatment is much appreciated, from my heart. I'll stop back later and chat with anyone who wants. :)

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  2. Enjoyed the post and the trailer. That satan wannabe, though, is once scary looking dude!


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  4. What a terrific post. Marvin, your book looks fantastic!

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  6. I loved this post. Marvin, your story is very important to tell. Thank you.

  7. I'm pleased you liked the post, Marvin - it's been a great pleasure to host you and I, personally, have found it illuminating and fascinating to find out more about you and your writing. Thank you to everyone for stopping by.


  8. Thanks everyone for stopping in and the nice comments. Helena, my pleasure being here and again I appreciate the really fine job you did with BOTH of these feature posts. :)

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