Saturday, August 1, 2009

Introducing Dorothy Massey – children's author and teacher

It's a real pleasure to be able to introduce to you today children's author and teacher, Dorothy Massey. Dorothy is a fellow member of the yahoo group, VBT – Writers on the Move, and she is the author of a set of three stories about ghost twins, Wiggle and Woo, published in a Pinestein Press anthology in Dec 2007, entitled Mini Mysteries and Kooky Spookies. Dorothy was delighted to be commissioned to write these stories after winning first prize in Pinestein’s ‘Things that go Bump …’ competition with a story comprising a spooky twist on the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. Since then she has won further competitions, with one of her stories being recorded as a podcast by TV presenter Gail Porter to launch a new storytelling character for Munch Bunch products.

Dorothy has specialised in teaching literacy and has taught ESL, Adult Basic Skills, Family Learning and Creative Writing. The third edition of her publication for ESL students, ‘Better English’, published by Studymates, has recently been published in India.

She now writes fiction for children from pre-school to Key Stage 2 as well as teaching Creative Writing for Durham County Council’s Education in the Community. Two packs of poetry resources for Key Stage 3 written by Dorothy are awaiting publication with Zig Zag and she has a fantasy novel in progress.

Dorothy lives in Crook, a small ex-mining town in the North East of England and is a member of SSWAG (Seven Stories Writers and Artists Group). For more information about Dorothy and writing for children, visit her blog:

Mini Mysteries and Kooky Spookies

Mini Mysteries and Kooky Spookies by Stephanie Campisi, Calvin Innes, Dorothy Massey and Marcia Nass is available from:
ISBN 0-9795364-2-1
Price $5.99/£4.75

Mini Mysteries & Kooky Spookies is a collection of one dozen mysteries and spooky stories for early readers. The book features six simple everyday mysteries that readers can solve along with six not-so-scary tales of some hauntingly memorable spooks. The three stories written by Dorothy Massey feature the ghost twins, Wiggle and Woo.

As one Amazon reviewer has said,
This is a terrific book. It is well-written, fun, exciting and challenging. It is a wholesome book that teaches children how to deal with tough, life-like situations, use logical reasoning and acquire people skills. I gave my 7 year old grandson a copy of this book and I was so impressed by his reaction that I gave another copy to my other grandchildren.
Sound good? Then why not purchase a copy of Mini Mysteries & Kooky Spookies today!

I'll be posting an interview with Dorothy on Monday. Drop by to learn more about this interesting and versatile author. If you have any questions for Dorothy, please leave a comment.


  1. I love the names of your stories, Dorothy. They make me giggle. Thanks.

    Kids need to just giggle and have fun!

    P.S. So do adults!

  2. Great post, Helena,

    Dorothy's book looks like loads of fun. I'm looking forward to learning more on the 3rd.


  3. Awesome interview, Helena!

    And Dorothy, your book sounds awesome! Mini Mysteries and Kooky Spookies sounds right up my little brother's alley, he just loves the spooky stuff! Keep writing!

    Heather Paye

  4. Thanks Helen, this is a great post. Thanks for hosting me. Really appreciate it, Dorothy

  5. Sound like fun books and I'll look forward to the interview. Hey Helena, can you or someone from VBT resend me an invite to join Writers On The Move again? the Google Nazis zapped all my old accounts and I can't log into the Yahoo Group or post anything anymore. Have to sign up with my new ID so I can participate again. I'm now at email and my blog is now at

    The Old Silly

  6. Terrific lead for Dorothy's interview tomorrow. I look forward to it.

    Donna M. McDine
    Marketing Manager, SFC Magazine
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    SFC Magazine Website

  7. Thank you, everyone, for dropping by.