Saturday, November 14, 2009


I was asked to write a poem for the remembrance service in my local community on 11th November 2009 and this is what I wrote - a poem to honour those who have fallen in the wars that have scarred and continue to scar our planet.

Today we remember,
today we show respect,
honouring those who've fallen,
the brave, courageous dead.
My heart bleeds for their sacrifice,
for the families who've cried,
for the pain and hurt
when their precious loved ones died.

How many more victims must there be
before the heartache and fighting can stop?
Before families lose the fear
of being wrenched apart
and children can enjoy every day
because human lives are no longer lost?

The wars continue,
the fighting lives on,
but my hope is for a future
where such things will have ceased
and all of mankind can finally live
in unity and peace.

Copyright © Helena Harper
If you have a tribute you'd like to share - poetic or otherwise - then please do!


  1. A most wonderful poem Helena, beautifully written and I know it will bring comfort to those
    who have lost past and present.


  2. Thank you, Yvonne. Remembrance Day is always a very powerful and moving day for me because I think of how relatives on both sides of my family (my mother is German and my father English) were fighting each other in both World Wars. All of them are 'family' to me, yet they were fighting each other - it brings home to me the senselessness of war. And this was why I wrote my second book "Family and More - Enemies or Friends?"