Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Introducing Deborah Weed, author of “The Luckiest Penny” and a woman on a mission to inspire

As part of the ongoing blog tour of the group VBT-Writers on the Move, it's my great pleasure this month to introduce children's author Deborah Weed.

Deborah was born and raised in Miami and has had an extensive thirty-year career in marketing/ entertainment that has included everything from being Director of Marketing for Fame International, responsible for a 26 million-dollar pavilion; Director of Development for Citibank; Creator/Producer of “Sensations”, “The Disappearance of Dino Dinero”, “The Sticky Bun Bandits” and “Compassionate Chip Cookies & Milk.”

However, a life threatening health challenge redirected Deborah's life. She got stuck and realized that people defined her by circumstances, rather than by a lifetime of experiences. After regaining her mojo, Deborah decided to leap into the world of writing, inspirational speaking and coaching so that she could provide a shortcut for others who are experiencing disappointment and feeling misunderstood.

The Luckiest Penny is Deborah's first book. It's the story of two rare 1943 pennies. One penny remains out of circulation, full of himself and selfish, caring only about how much money he is worth. The other penny decides to experience living and along the way discovers what really matters in life.

I asked Deborah some questions about her book.

What inspired you to write The Luckiest Penny?
I wanted to remind myself, children and everyone else that life has its ups and downs. Yet, we have a choice.Either we can stay in a box and avoid life's disappointments--or we can jump into life. Obstacles will appear and here is where self-worth comes in. . .The only way to believe in ourselves is to keep on standing back up!

Why did you use 1943, pure copper pennies, as your main characters?
If you have a 1943, pure copper penny in your purse it could be worth $83,000 or more. Can you believe it? A lowly penny, that was made by mistake during WWII, is very valuable. When I was stuck in bed with a misdiagnosed, life-threatening illness, I felt pretty worthless. When I heard about the 1943 penny, I found my metaphorical hero!

What is your goal?
This book was written to give children a healthy set of values that will assist them on their journey in life. I want them to remember what is really important so that they don't get discouraged by life's roller-coaster ride.

What is the theme of The Luckiest Penny?
The book’s genre is a fable/allegory. There are a couple of central messages in the book: why experience is more valuable than money; how love makes us all whole; and why it doesn't matter how much something costs but what it's worth to us.

Could you tell us about the illustrations?
The illustrations by Ernest Socolov transport the reader into the alternative world of a penny who is tarnished, yet loved!

I believe there is going to be a musical production about the book?
YES! An original, musical interactive production is being created and produced and should be ready very soon. The original songs are fun and yet meaningful. I will be working with foundations, schools, fairs, etc. to perform the production and then talk about what it means to us.

This is what others have said about Deborah's book.

The Luckiest Penny gives us all an opportunity to look at what we value about ourselves and others. It's an engaging story that encourages the conversation of self-worth and love.”
Laura Duksta, Author, New York Times Bestseller, I Love You More

"Here's a story that shares why we need to jump into life - Live Fabulous Now!"
Sandy Grason, Int'l Speaker, Author & Founder of the JOURNALUTION: Journaling to Awaken Your Inner Voice, Heal Your Life and Manifest Your Dreams

"Deborah Weed has written a timeless fable that reminds us and our children what really matters. This lovely story is about love and values, and it will enrich and inspire you at this time of great challenge and change, when so many families are having to reevaluate what is important."
Ellen Brazer, Author of Clouds Across the Sun, http://ellenbrazer.com/

"This book is a treasure to share with your grandchild of any age. The story of two pennies is intertwined with the relationship between grandfather and grandson. It shows children what unconditional love truly is and the value of every single person, no matter how small, no matter what!"
Lily Prellezo, Author of Seagull One: The true story of Jose Basulto and Brothers to the Rescue

To purchase a copy of the book or find out more about it, go to http://www.theluckiestpenny.com/

Deborah is currently working on a second children’s book with collaborator Ellen Brazer - a book that shares her father's wisdom (Dancing on my Father’s Shoes) - and she has established a social network to help people of all ages and backgrounds get unstuck.

Deborah is also an award-winning artist. Water sculptures are the primary medium for her mixed media pieces. The result is a salubrious technique that takes color into a new arena of purity that is vivid, fluid and alive. Residing in trendy South Beach is her inspiration. The vibe there is bold and daring and her studio is literally on the white sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. According to her collectors, her work titillates the senses and is very sensual.

You can contact Deborah at deborahweed@mac.com
And these are her websites:


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  3. What a unique concept, Deborah! Congratulations on the book. I wish you much success.

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  7. Thank you everyone for stopping by and Deborah, I, too, hope that your book does well. Best of luck also with all your artistic projects!