Sunday, November 14, 2010

Picture book "Pep, Polish and Paint" coming soon!

I'm really excited to announce that my first children's book, Pep, Polish and Paint, will soon be published - after numerous revisions and illustrations and many doubts as to whether it would ever see the light of day, AND 15 years after the first version of the story was written! Click on the BookBuzzr widget in the side bar to see the beginning of the story.

Here is the blurb: "Sammy is a sun with a really big problem. He's lost his shine and just doesn't know how to get it back! But three spaceships – Jimmy, Jenny and Johnny – think they've got the answer. Sammy isn't sure that anything will help, but what has he got to lose? And as the spaceships argue, something totally unexpected happens...

A wonderfully imaginative story that shows that anything is possible when we decide to take action, as ACTION is the key to unlocking the power that lies within us all."

Download space quizzes, wordsearches and crosswords here.  Colouring sheets coming soon!