Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Air blown through a ring of soapy water,
countless bubbles being born,
each taking a different path -
reaching skyward,
skimming low
or somewhere inbetween...
A long path for some,
a short one for others,
then finally a pop,
signalling the end...
or another beginning?

Separate and alone they seem,
but look! There's a twosome
transforming into three,
another merging seamlessly
with the twins
so that all can continue
in oneness and unity.

The memory of a common origin
lies buried in forgetfulness,
yet all are joined
and the separateness
of the journey
is just an illusion -
wonderful, elegant
and clever.
We mistake it for reality,
but in truth, that it can never be:
no, never!

Copyright © Helena Harper 2008