Thursday, January 19, 2012

Prince William & Kate Middleton - a necessary fairy tale

Wasn't it nice last year to escape from the economic doom and gloom surrounding us and take part - all be it as spectators - in the real life fairy tale of Prince William and Kate Middleton as they got married? Did you feel better after watching the wedding? More positive? Happier? Did you feel that more things were possible than before? I certainly did.

That is the power of fairy tales - whether real or imaginary. We all need them and that is why I think picture books are so important and why I love writing them!

Last year, my first picture book Pep, Polish and Paint was published. In the story I wanted to transport the reader into an imaginary space world where there is a sun (Sammy) with a big problem - he's lost his shine and doesn't know how to get it back - and three spaceships (Jimmy, Jenny and Johnny) who think they've got the answers to his problem: a pep-me-up drink, polish and paint. In the end, Sammy realises that the answer to his problem lies within himself and with taking some ACTION and there is the happy ending that we all expect from fairy tales!

My hope is that the story may open readers' minds (both adults and children) to new possibilities in their lives, because when we start to take action we suddenly realise that things are possible that before we thought were impossible. I hope my story will inspire others to take action to light up their dreams and achieve whatever they want to achieve. But why not judge for yourself? If you're interested to read more, then just click here and you'll find plenty of excerpts to hopefully whet your appetite, as well as an account of how I was inspired to write the story in the first place.

And I would love to hear if you have or had a favourite fairy tale/picture book as a child and why you liked it so much - so please feel free to share! Here's to escapism, feeling good and endless possibilities!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Amazing hands - nature's miracle, mankind's puzzle


Lovingly it cradles
the delicately grooved
wine glass;
stretched flat it strokes 
warm, smooth fur
and ruffles clean, clipped hair;

limbs curved
it caresses
silky, young skin
and clasps
the soft firmness
of an orange;

pincer like
it grasps
the fluent pen.

Gentle as a breeze
fondling the velvet softness
of a virgin snowdrop's petals,
yet bruising as a rock
smashing wood asunder -
nature's miracle
is mankind's puzzle.

Copyright © Helena Harper 2009