About Helena Harper

I have been fascinated by words, sounds and rhythms all my life - perhaps because I come from a mixed linguistic background (German mother and English father). Childlike, imaginary worlds have also been an inspiration to me. I have indulged my passions by teaching modern languages (German and French) for over 20 years and by writing poetry for adults and fantasy stories for young children.

Writing stories for young children makes me feel like a child again. It gives me tremendous joy and excitement and I want to help others regain more childlike joy in their lives. So I have started a newsletter called "Smile more, laugh more, be a child more!" Feel free to join, if you're interested, and get some nice free gifts at the same time. Please let me know what you think of them by leaving a comment below.

You can find full details about me and my books on my website. Or just click on the Bookbuzzr widgets in the side bar. There you will also find reviews, media mentions, purchasing details and much more!

Happy reading and remember - smile more, laugh more, be a child more! :) :) 


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